Daily Dose #9 (Poem Edition)


As I stand under the draw of unbearable pain
I bear every ounce, and confront it again

As my enemy strikes me, awaiting my fall
I stand on both feet, enjoying it all

As I fall to a knee, withstanding as much as I can
As the blood drips from my brow, I know I am no normal human.

My enemies gaze scorches any normal woman or man
But it’s flames cannot compare to the burn of the sand.

When others have quit and lived on with this regret
I am steady as a rock, and my goal, I can’t forget.

When the last whip has cracked, and the last blow is thrown
When the last bone is cracked, and the last stone is thrown
When my last friend has left me, and I stand all alone.

I write my own fate, and my destiny, I own.


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