Numbers Don’t Lie…

Now, I don’t want to take away from the efforts of anybody who gives from their own pockets to help others. It is always great to donate to any good cause. But Americans have a serious problem. It is a problem that is keeping us from evolving as a society and that is causing the deaths of thousands every year. Our problem is either a lack of understanding of basic math, or it’s that we constantly fail to educate ourselves of the real threats facing us in society. It’s probably both. Turn on your television and I guarantee you will be bombarded with images from the most frightening, threatening, fear-inspiring things you could imagine. The one question that we fail to ask is….how likely is it that I will be faced with any of that? Or how likely will anyone I know be faced with that?… Or how likely is it that ANYONE will be faced with that? Probability. Likelihood. Diseases

Now this isn’t to chastise anybody for where they donate and where they don’t….but it kinda is. Look at the number two leading killer among the diseases shown: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). It kills more than Breast Cancer, Suicide, Prostate Cancer, and Gun homicides… COMBINED! I’m sure most Americans have probably never even heard of it.  The ALS bucket challenge raised more money for ALS research in one day this year, than COPD raised in all of 2011. That’s truly incredible, in the denotative sense of the word… Unbelievable.


Just something to think about… 


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