[Poetic License] Remarkable Man

Shiftless men ponder at where my motivation lies

Iʼm no brute or built to suit white tees of triple XL size

But when I start to tell them, They look on with awe and surprise

I say, Itʼs in the caress of my hands

The power in my eyes

The strictness of my voice

Regardless of my size

I am a man, Remarkably

Remarkable Man

Thatʼs me.

I walk into the office Head held higher than the rest

and to a woman, She canʼt help but smile Or feel short breath in her chest.

They send signs that they want me But I will only have the best

I say, Itʼs the gleam in my smile

The warmth of my breath

The strength of my back

The way I smoothly strut from right to left

Iʼm a man, Remarkably

Remarkable Man.

Thatʼs me.

Women have also pondered

Just what it is about me

That pulls them in. And with a grin I tell them what they canʼt see.

Story of a man revealed to them MY inner mystery

I say,

Itʼs in the tears of my eyes that only my true love will see

The strength of my chest

From pushing my self up from defeat

The care in my thoughts

As Iʼm there for my child

A gentleman of course, But I know how to be wild.

I am a man…


Remarkable Man

Thatʼs me.

Now you understand Just why I walk so proud

I am what itʼs all about No need to yell it out loud.

You will ALWAYS notice me

Even when Iʼm standing in a crowd.

I say,

Itʼs in the curve of my neck.

My skin touched touched by the sun

The words from my lips and the face of my son.

The ambitions of my dreams

My passion in pursuing

The swagger that I bring to whatever I am doing.

ʻCause I am a man…


Remarkable Man,

Thatʼs me.

© M.B. Watson

(Inspired by Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman”)


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  1. United in praise says:

    Intelligent, Creative and Gifted

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