Red Ocean

I thrusted my hand forward. A red river exploded forth. Over and over again, my arm darted back and forth, sharply cutting through the air. With each violent movement, more crimson splashed all over. The smell clung to the insides of my nostrils. The joy I took from seeing the dark rose-colored ocean immerse my target was unimaginable. Strangely enough, I began to salivate as the liquid slowly crawled across flesh. A drive of adrenaline unlike most others overwhelmed me and I stopped. It laid there motionless as a pool of its own juices mixed into the red as it began to dry in the air. I raised a knife and plunged it through flesh until I felt the blade collide with bone. My muscles, infused with adrenaline, and my brain, swimming in a pool of oxytocin, caused me to force the serrated edge of the blade through the bone. The sound of stainless steel against the bone was rough to the ears but, for some reason, it excited me. Once I cut completely through the bone, I removed a piece of the flesh. A trophy. The fruits of my violent, powerful, passion-filled labor. I couldn’t resist the urge. Saliva pooled under my tongue. I placed the flesh to my mouth and devoured every ounce of it….
Weird that more people don’t put hot sauce on their steak…


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  1. blancoa1011 says:

    I was a little concerned at first. Great post!

  2. scyranth says:

    Reblogged this on HInts & Allegations and commented:

  3. Jamila Brand says:

    Hahahaaa! This got me good.

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