Remember When I Said That People Would Remember the “Shmoney Dance” but Forget The Person Behind It?

Take 10-15 seconds out of your busy day to watch the Instagram video linked below:

That’s the US Junior Ryder Cup team introducing their fans and audience to a new dance craze known as the “Birdie Dance” or “Shmoney Dance.” Where it came from? Who knows? Did they create it? Your guess is as good as mine. I wonder if there’s a song to this dance or something.

Here’s another video of them performing the versatile dance to the song “Black Widow” by the Queen of Rap, Iggy Azaelea:

(I didn’t tell ya so…)


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  1. Sasha says:

    Just watch a buch of old school reggae videos and youll see where the dance came from… its not really new. maybe new to Americans but not people from the West indies.

    1. I know. Most dances aren’t “new” at all, but this post references a previous post that I wrote about this song.

    2. Janeen says:

      Bobby Shmurda has West Indian parents. Although the dance is not new to him or most Caribbean people, he still made it a staple in recent American pop culture/media. Just goes to show, we can’t have nothing…

  2. A. L. says:

    Yall are missing the point. The point is not that bobby helped made a dance popular. it’s that (according to the referenced post), he and his insight into the realities of so many in this United States will be forgotten. First it will be popular. Be known. then it will be used, degraded, overused, abused, and forgotten.

    Side note. I truly hope the “queen of rap” reference was sarcastic.

    1. It was a reference to a Forbes article stating that Iggy “runs rap” and a joke Twitter post about her and Macklemore being King and Queen. lol

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