A Triumph in Song: “Collect Calls” by Kendrick Lamar

M.B. Watson

Kendrick Lamar

The most common negative feedback I hear after I write about the problems with modern day music is, without a doubt, “it’s just music, it’s not that serious.” No matter what the criticism is or who it is about, I will always hear that jab. The second most common one is pretty much “who are you?”, which I take a little more personally, but this isn’t about the reasons I cry at night. I once had a friend tell me that he didn’t like Hip-Hop/Rap music because it was too simple. “It takes no talent. You don’t have to actually learn any instruments. You can just get a synthesizer, push some buttons, and you have a song.” Now, if you take both of those criticisms together, the only logical conclusion is that Hip-Hop is “simple, talentless” music that is just “not that serious.” Of course, I beg to differ. In…

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  1. eartsc says:

    Keep Writing. Keep sharing your thoughts.
    Our site wil be out in a few more weeks at the least….
    eArtsCentric Interactive

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