Tragedy in Song: “No Mediocre” by T.I.

Before you call for my beheading as punishment for speaking ill of your god T.I., consider this: The song goes. I don’t like it, but a lot of people do. I get it………….THAT DON’T MAKE IT GOOD! Now, I shall begin…

BRUUUUUHHHH… When I first heard the title of the song “No Mediocre,” I was both frightened and intrigued. It’s probably obvious why I was frightened. Most music on the radio is frightening because I can sometimes literally feel my brain cells passing out and dying of trash-overdose. It’s even scarier because I like some of it (Young Thug is catchy AF). I was intrigued because I instantaneously thought of so many directions that the great T.I. could have gone with the title “No Mediocre.” He could have rapped about how he is no mediocre rapper. He could have rapped about how growing up, he lived no mediocre childhood. He could have even rapped about how wears no mediocre jewelry and I would have been content….

But bruuuuuhhhh, this is what we got:

All I fuck bad bitches, I don’t want no mediocre ho
Don’t want no mediocre, I don’t want no mediocre, no!
Bad bitches only, ain’t no mediocre ho

You’re married…with children.


That’s just part of the hook. Which, by the way, I understand has to be repetitive, remedial, and sometimes ridiculous, because that’s what captures the minds of the listener. Again, I actually find Young Thug’s music catchy. But this is T.I. One of the greatest rappers of this generation. He begins his verse:

Right hand in the air, I solemnly swear
I never fuck a bitch if she don’t do her hair, no more

You won’t get no dick if it’s a bush down there
Girl, I should see nothing but pussy when I look down there

Man…stop the presses. I’m not trying to be a super-intellectual. I’m not trying to talk like I’m better than anyone. I’m not the biggest Hip-Hop head in the world. None of that. But I don’t care who you are. There is NO WAY you can think that this is acceptable! Like, really? Three of the first four lines have to do with a woman’s personal grooming habits. Pubic hair!

Iggy Azalea was Iggy Azalea.

Now, to T.I.’s second verse. Here’s a gem from that:

Take her to my castle, drown her in my cash flow
Say your dick so little she can fit it in her asshole
Told me she can’t ride this shit no further than a cab go
Said I got that don dick, she wanna be my tutor
So she give me brain, getting head on the scooter

Man… whatever. I expected more from you Tip.


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  1. keishaosler says:

    Reblogged this on keishspeaks and commented:
    Amen sir! My thoughts exactly

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