Now YOU can have your own personal Berlin Wall! (Or how the Man taught you to give up on your dreams)


M.B. Watson

When you hear today’s date, what do you think about? Is it the Berlin Wall that once separated West from East Germany? If so, you’re probably some weird nerd because today’s date has nothing to do with the Berlin Wall. BUT if you do want to be reminded of that concrete embankment that was all over the high school history book that you never actually read, then take a look at your college degree and your loan statements. As I wipe the single tear from my face and burn the Nelnet letter reminding me that I have a month until my loan deferment plan is up, I now understand a terrifying reality. A reality that my parents never shared with me, likely due to gleeful ignorance. A reality that the university system never shared with me because…..why? A reality that everybody, to this day, continues to throw a white blanket…

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