Two Cheers for the Millennials in Love


Never before has love been faced with so many opponents as in modern times. As American people just stretching our reach into adulthood, it seems as though we are constantly weighing our love lives against our lives. It seems impossible to marry the two. Which makes it so impressive to see Facebook post after Facebook post showing my friends and old high school/college classmates showing off their new rings and new fiances.

Two cheers for the millennials who were able to find compromise. After coming from a generation that was taught we would change the world all on our own, the idea of “settling down” as I still feel like I’m “growing up” is difficult to fathom. There are some out there who have taken the more traditional route and are grabbing their law degrees or becoming doctors, which affords predictability and stability in some cases. But for the vast majority of us, with our political science and anthropology degrees and our various passions with job opportunities all across the globe, it seems as though there is no room for love.

Two cheers for the millennials who are somehow making it work even when the idea of marriage is becoming an outdated concept. As situationships and promiscuity become the accepted norm, you still find a way to make a commitment to monogamy. You should be studied so that the rest of us can learn from you. We must understand just how you did it.

I do fear, however, that we may not like the answers. And for that, I pray.

Two prayers for the millennials who have given up dream jobs, dream locations, and dream plans for the sake of their love.

Two prayers for the millennials who never fully realized their dreams as they had found love so early on.

Two prayers for the millennials who are working together to build a future that they both can call a dream.

Two prayers for the millennials who haven’t lost the faith that so many of us have.

These well-wishes are in the hopes that your love and your lives never die. Many of us are a tad bit jealous of you, yet our ways of life simply don’t allow for it. So we live through you. Keep posting your “She said yes” pictures and keep us all inspired.


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  1. Rolake Omoya says:

    Nice read. I was just talking about this with one of my friends. It’s so encouraging to see many people making it work. In this age and time, where I don’t even have time to hang out with friends, I have less and less hope of settling down. But it’s great to see similar highly involved people making it work.

    1. Yea, same here. At the same time, you have to figure out what’s most important to you. A lot of people decide what’s important based on what everybody around them says or judges them on. If you are a career type person, then that’s just you. Don’t let people sucker you into giving up on what you want.

  2. tichavakunda says:

    How much does social media play into feeling like this? What about the online, app dating world we live in now? This piece def resonates.

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