Who Needs Google When You Have Uber?

To be fair, I used Lyft…but yea.


In a world where we are constantly surprised and caught off guard by global events, I believe that we stick to the old English life of ignorance to our fellow man/woman’s plight. I am not one of the people who ascribe to that. At every chance I get, I seek to learn more. I am also one of the few who were never able to take advantage of the study abroad programs in college. Thus, when I talk about my bachelor’s and master’s subject matter, I feel a little phoney. That is until I realized that through my careful questioning and ACTUAL concern, I was able to learn more about a country from 4,000 miles away than someone residing in it.That is where my recommendation comes from. In the span of a month, I’ve had the pleasure of taking a ride with a native Venezuelan, Iranian, Mexican, and Cambodian. From each of my drivers, I learned a great deal about the mindsets, ideals, and thoughts of laypeople in their countries. I’ve also gained an appreciation for mine. Upon understanding their reasons for immigrating here, I learned to love America more deeply. They all expressed different reasons, but at the end of the day, their criticisms of America were always drowned out by the pain and horrors that they escaped. Thus, as we look upon our country, sometimes with disgust, we must always remember the PRIVILEGE that it is to be an American. Not just economically, as I’m sure will combat me with the idea that all American success is stolen…but also culturally. My drivers also clued me in to instances where their own cultures, those created and cultivated by themselves, were holding them back. They never engaged in conspiracy theory about how the US was behind it. They simply acknowledged that the US does it better. How we acknowledge that at times Scandinavia does it better or Latin America does it better. They were sober in their appraisal of America…not drunk on romanticized self-immolation and a glorified sense of revolution against the best thing the planet has going for it. They were deeply enamored with America and sought only to take advantage of its freedom, correct its indiscretions, and bring their people upon the same path……so next time you are on your way to a party, protest, or whatever…talk to your Uber/Lyft driver….they may have many things to teach you.


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