The World’s Most Dangerous Drug

All across the globe, people are being crippled and debilitated by a powerful drug. Minds are wasting away and families and friendships are being torn apart by this relatively new scourge. It intoxicates for cheap, sending its users on a high that is almost impossible to describe. Once you’ve taken one hit, it calls you back for more. No I’m not talking about marijuana, heroin, crack cocaine, or bath salts. This drug is entirely legal and if you are reading this post, you have probably indulged in it as well. Psychologists and sociologists might call it by its proper name, Positive Affirmation, but on the streets it’s called “Likes.” Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram peddle millions of them per day to anyone who does as little as post to their page. The damage that they cause compounds upon itself, making its most prolific users grow even more addicted to them. It doesn’t matter if the post makes sense. It doesn’t matter if it drives forward intellectual growth. It doesn’t even matter if the post is true, you will still get that hit and the endorphins will flow, feeling you with the euphoria of knowing someone thinks highly enough of your thoughts, no matter how feeble-minded you may be, that they would sacrifice a millisecond, a mouse click, and a double-tap on you. Driven by each like, you’re compelled to post more. Not research more. Not debate more. Not even think more….Just post more. And so it goes, your mind wasting away as the likes pile up. The drug kingpins, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Kevin Systrom feed your habit. It’s ironic that the “Like” drug first hit the streets in mass production with Youtube, but at least they allowed a “Dislike” antidote to temper your high. No, not the case with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As far as you’re concerned, everybody likes everything you do, even if you are the proverbial village idiot and the only ones really impressed by your thoughts are the idiots of the neighboring villages. No, to you the whole world is behind your revolutionary thoughts. Thus, it is your duty to post more and suck in that passionate ecstasy that is the “Like”. Hit after hit, you post and post more, clouding the world wide web with smut and idiocy all in search of your next high. And of course, it makes no sense to be selfish, leaving your fellow village dunces high…or rather low and dry. You give them “Likes” as well. Passing the drug around and around into a swirl of pure pleasure and sheer stupidity. But you’re high and everybody “Likes” you, so none of that matters.


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