Be Gold: The Secret To Success!

Like most things we see in our everyday modern lives, gold is a wildly misrepresenting thing. When most folks hear the word “gold” visions of shining, shimmering, splendid bar of beautfiul, smooth, and expensive metal come to mind. When we think of gold, it is often as a descriptor: gold chains, gold coins, gold-plated, etc. Because of its status as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, we generally associate gold with where we want to be. We have to move from our current state and acquire gold in order to truly be successful. Again, like most things in life this is only one side of the story and like most things in life, the less extravagant side often has the most to teach. When looking at the modest side, we learn that we should focus less on acquiring gold and more on being gold. In fact, being gold will likely help one to acquire much more gold than they think.


First and foremost, when I talk about being gold, I don’t want you to shine and shimmer for all to see. No need for you to be a distraction to others or yourself. Be gold for the physical characteristics that make it truly valuable. So to take your mind off of the flash and glitz, let’s take a look at gold in its natural state:
A gold nugget in all it’s lumpy, pock-filled, ugly glory. Typically found as an ore, mixed in with other particles, gold starts off far from the beautiful bars that we would all like to own in abundance. See, outside of our superficial appreciation for its “bling,” gold brings alot more to the table. Some of the most valuable qualities of gold are actually ones that produce successful, valuable, enterprising entrepreneurs, leaders, and all-around winners.


Gold is the most malleable and flexible of all known metals. This means that the hard metal and be bent, flattened, twisted, and molded into nearly any shape or form that you desire. This makes it very useful for many things other than beautiful jewelry and money. Like gold, we should all strive to be malleable. We should seek to be flexible and able to take on various forms in order to complete whatever task is at hand, whether it be in our jobs, social and love lives, or our own personal and creative work. When we learn to avoid resisting the pressures of a changing world and begin to change with it, we find that our creative windows are opened and our problem solving and entrepreneurial skills shoot through the roof. Imagine owning a successful business for a year before some new technology is developed that can do what you do in half the time at half the cost. A rigid, unchanging businessperson would try to attack the problem rather than solve it. A malleable, GOLDEN entrepreneur would change with the times, adopting new practices, ideas, and technologies or his/her own to better compete with an adversary that isn’t going away anytime soon.You know what happens when you beat down on hot gold, it doesn’t break. It may bend, but what it really does is it adapts to fit its surroundings. It never leaves. It never gives up. It simply adapts. ADAPT!


If you’re confused by all of those numbers and symbols above, fear not. I am too. The most important take away from this chart is that gold is topped only by silver and copper in terms of electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity. What does that mean? It means that gold is very good at allowing energy, whether it be electricity or heat, to flow through it. While silver and copper may be better conductors, gold can do so for longer without tarnishing or rusting. Like gold, we should all learn to allow the lessons of life to flow through us, from experiencing to learning to internalizing to sharing. We must also be weary of allowing life’s lessons to beat us down and tarnish who we are leaving rust upon our character. Too often we hold onto our successes and our failures, keeping them too ourselves and refusing to allow our lives to be conductors for positive lessons. Once your struggles and your triumphs have molded you, share what you’ve learned. Share your lessons. Allow the positive energy flowing within you to transfer on to someone else.


While in its natural state, gold is soft and malleable enough to be molded by hand, once gold is cast, it is extremely durable. In fact, the durability of gold is the reason why many dentists choose to have their own crowns and fillings done with gold restorations rather than porcelain. Gold crowns can last for decades, even a half-century, weathering thousands, if not millions of impacts from biting and chewing over and over again. Through all this abuse, they remain strong, carryingout their purpose in protecting the sensitive nerves below. Like cast gold, we should strive to build an invincible mind, one that can take the constant beatings that life in our modern society will undoubtedly deliver. Once we have found our purpose, we must continue to work towards it regardless of the bumps, bruises, crashes, and impacts life will throw our way. Only by being resolute can we ensure that we will see our goals through and truly reach the success of which we dream. I mentioned previously that we must be malleable and willing to change under pressure, but this does not contradict the need for durability. Durability is remaining strong under outside pressures, never fully collapsing and giving up on your forward progress even if it involved changing the way in which you move forward.


Once you’ve become gold, adapted to face all challenges, allowed the lessons of life to flow through you, and stood up to the bludgeonings of chance, you will able to truly shine. Gold’s most obvious and widely coveted feature is the one that you must exhibit last. There are many people in our world today who shine bright, but are rigid, closed off, and brittle. When challenge arrives, they falter because they are only gold on the outside. They are Pyrite, Fool’s Gold, brittle and easily distinguishable from true gold. It is important to remember this. FOCUS on becoming true gold rather than simply broadcasting a Pyrite Shine to the world.

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