My Treat


I would treat you..

Deplete you of any doubt you had about an almost perfect man

I would hold your hand

And hold your heart

Till death does us part

And even in death I would still be there

Brushing my fingers through your angelic hair

Losing myself in your star-like eyes

My mind tries to tell me play it cool around the guys

But my heart tells no lies so I always treat you as my prize.

It’s no surprise that my eyes are locked into your eyes

My hands can’t leave your waist

Your smile can’t be replaced

Never seen a beauty like your face

Or seen a sunshine like your smile

Or heard music like your voice

Or seen something as glamorous as your style

You’re impeccable and words really can’t describe

I’m doin’ my best so that my readers can picture


But I don’t think my words can produce your vibe

The scent is heavenly

Your touch is angelic

Your laugh is so perfect I’d be rich if I could sell it

But I’m wealthy with you

I’m the richest man alive

As long as I can stay the same man in your eyes

So because I’m ballin, so rich off your love

It’s my treat for now, eternity, and above


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